My opinion about fashion

Many people I’ve met usually relate fashion with famous brand or up to date style. For me the fashion implemented in daily life unconsciously  It’s not only for the people who work in fashion industry, but also the people who apparently having no interest in fashion. In the other words, it is the way how we dress ourselves. for instance an appropriate style for a chef, or even a comfort pajama for sleeping. I think even babies have got its own style too. It would be frivolous if there’s no one sell baby clothes.

By the way my favourite style is so simple. I love wearing a flip flop, t-shirt, and a short. For special occasion I choose a chic dress and comfortable flat shoes. Yet the the colour of the clothes I choose sometimes affect my mood. The more colourful the chosen clothes the happier I am. I also have got no any favourite brand. If the the style catch my eyes, I definitely buy it no matter it’s from well-known brand or no.

For me fashion is how we express our sense of style in daily life. Yet, I do admire for people who have got unique fashion sense. I also get some inspiration from them. If you are seeking for a new style, just look at fashion blogs, music videos, films, and dramas. I watch lots of Japanese and Korean dramas, and many fashion ideas I’ve got. So this my fashion opinion. *It should have been published on August =="

Let’s check Adidas anti-perspirant deodorant!

I agree that confidence boosting our appearance, but bad body odour surely makes people around don’t feel comfortable having conversation with you. I think anti-perspirant deodorant is a personal care product you've to use in daily activities. There are many deodorant products for you to choose, and of course some of them are bad, and a few of them are good. Now, I’d like to tell you the one I like the most, it’s Adidas roll on deodorant. I've got to admit that I bought it just because the colour attracted me (it’s purple, my fave colour). I've used it over a month, and it’s really nice with my sensitive skin. It doesn't give white mark or yellow mark both on armpit and clothes. It’s got a very soft yet fresh scent. Moreover, it’s got 24 hours anti-perspirant effect.

Either you’re an active or non-active person, the product really works reducing the excessive sweat and body odor  Beside of its quality, it also has a very fine package. You can see sort of  hand grip of its each side, so your hand won’t slip while using it. It’s made in Spain as you can check at the back of the package. There is two-layer of sticker which easily read. The first layer is all about its ingredients, and the second one is about its quality with some different languages. Yes it’s Adidas deodorant, and yes It looks expensive, yet it’s only around Rp. 20.000!!! interesting isn't it? Just grab it fast heheheh. By the way, thanks for visiting this product review :)

A pair of High Heels is a Disaster If....

I'm sorry for the bad drawing ^^v

Yes, high heels maximize my style. Yet I've got to accept its challenge such as the difficulties of walking, running, and swimming (??). I think there are some circumstances I have to put it down for while, check these out;

* Headache
This health matter often annoys me a lot. Sometimes I walk slowly while I’m having headache. As I feel dizzy, I often miss my steps, and fall down easily.

* Hungry
When I can’t hold hunger any longer, I usually fast walking or running to a canteen So, if I wear the shoes I’ll spend more times to hold the hunger. I hate it so much -_-“

* Urgent Appointment
If there’s only 10 or 5 minutes to an urgent appointment, I’ll definitely choose comfortable flat shoes. Once I wore high heels, I came late. The pressure of the heels hurt my toes as I felt nervous. It was bothersome for the time like this.

* Rain
The road will be slippery during rainy season. Although high heels shoes boasting my confidence, I don’t want to take a risk for the slippery road on rainy days. A month a go, there’s a heavy and deep rain. I took a public transportation  and saw a woman wearing a pair of fancy high heels. I think the heels were more than 7 cm  I wondered how she able to walk in slippery pathway. Then, as she got off the public transportation, she walked unsteadily because of her sky-high heels. She fell down with her knees hitting the ground. Everyone looked at her and smirked. She seemed to calm down, yet couldn't hide the embarrassment hahahahha. Anyway, I’m just sorry to her (v^^);

* Broken Heart
I know there’s no any relation between broken heart and high heels. But, I’ll think the problem all day long, even I've got no idea where I’m going to. Sometimes I don’t notice the street that I’m walking in. Maybe, I also don’t realise that I've already fell down hahahahh it’s so melancholic, isn't it?

High heels one of the things that come up to my mind if I talk about fashion. I seldom use it, yet I still love it for special occasion. By the way it’s just my fashion opinion. Please correct me if I’m wrong :D

5 reasons of having short hair

I’d already cut my hair 2 months ago. I’d grown my long hair for over 2 years. So, I was little bit sad at first. Yet, I enjoy my new short hair day by day. I didn't choose  extraordinary hair styles. I simply asked a hairstylist to trim it. The length of my new hair cut is not really short, just equal to my shoulder. It makes me look fresh, and my wavy hair looks more chic. Here are 5 reasons that might useful for your consideration in case you’re interested to have a short hair;
·   1. Having hair loss. If you’ve got long hair, the condition seems worse. Just try to collect the hair fall from your long hair. The pile of hair would be thicker than the short hair. This condition surely makes me frustated.
2. Trying new hair cuts. I’ll give you two thumbs up if you’ve got the same hair cut since born ahahhahah. The new hair cut gives the feeling to be the brand new you, eventhough it won’t change your personality.
3. Saving more money. Yes, it save my money from excessive using shampoo and other hair products. For instance, I just use up a bottle of shampoo (200 ml) over a month. I spent about two bottles when I’d got long hair. I wash my hair 3 times a week.
4. Saving time for hair styling. Short hair really gives big advantage for busy people. Sometimes I just comb my hair with my fingers, and it still looks fine.
Scared no more to the wind. I just fix up my short hair with fingers or hair comb in seconds. I used to hold my long hair as the wind touch it because It’s easily tangled.
5 Say good by to the heat. In other words, it gives me benefit as the person who lives in tropical area because I don’t really need a hair tie. I used to tie up my hair, and it made my hair loss worse than before. 

Short hair looks more simple yet still lovely. Just put some confidence on it. It’d better if you talk to a reliable hair stylist to choose what kind of hair style you best at. Thanks for reading this beauty opinion category. Have a nice day, have a nice short hair J

A skin care product you must try, Saripohaci (Saripohatji) powder

Saripohaci powder
I’ve got a friend, she’s half Chinese, so she’s got fair skin. She also has got no acne or any skin problem on her skin. I thought it’s just her genetic, but apparently she’s got beauty secret I never thought before, its Saripohaci powder! Saripohaci or Saripohatji originally made in Indonesia. It’s got a very classic and simple package made of paper. You can see a picture of woman with kebaya. I think the woman is S. Marijah the one who invented this skin care. Her straight face portrait makes me think that she’s a serious and thoughtful person huwahahahha. Incredibly it’s established in 1927! wow! There are also codes from health department, Dep.Kes No. PO. and Gedep. No. 27688-61774. I really have got no idea what do these mean ==”

It’s easy peasy to tear the package, and then you’ll see a piece of paper which is covering the powder. There is explanation about its benefit and ingredientson its package. It’s written in very old-fashioned Bahasa Indonesia. The words which amuse me a lot are “Djikalau sudah 2-3 kali sadja pakai bedak Saripohatji nistjaja paras djadi bersih lemes, bersinar dan bertjahaja kelihatannja.” XDDDDD I took minutes to understand those words! It means it gives great result such as bright and smooth skin, eventhough it’s used only for 2 or 3 times. It also says that this product is natural skin care, because it’s made from fruits, roots, leafs, and trees. When I open the paper wrap there are many tablets that really similar with common medicine. I mix a spoon of mineral water with 2 or 3 tablets of Saripohaci to make a face mask. leave it dry approximately 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water then. 

I think it is the cheapest skin care product I ever tried, it’s only Rp. 3000 for 20grams! By Gosh! It doesn’t make my face as white as Snow White, yet it’s really ‘friendly’ for my sensitive and oily skin. I think it’s best for oily skin, and not recommended for very dry skin. If you’ve got dry skin, put moisturizer as soon as after washing your face. My friend who recommended this powder has been used it since elementary school, and never get any side effect. Thanks to lili who gave the information. The product really inspires me . Ok ladies and Gentlemen, here it is the product review of Saripohaci (Sripohatji), and have a nice try J

The 'magic' behind its very cheap price hahahah

Eating orange as natural skin care

What’s the first thing that comes up to mind if you see an orange? It might the fresh pulp which burst in tongue when you chew it. This most popular fruit has got many varieties. I bet you’ve ever found the yellowish, or even greenish. Unfortunately I still avoid consuming oranges due to my sensitive stomach. Yet, My mom has been consumed it for years, probably since she was an infant. She eats some oranges a week. I can see clearly the marvellous benefit from the fruit to my Mom’s skin. She’s in 50’s now, yet her skin is fair and smooth. I ever compared her skin to a woman who seldom eat fruit and smokes a lot. My mom has got fewer wrinkles than her. So, I presume that orange is good for natural anti-aging. She’s really counting upon healthy food, and leaving the beauty care products behind. Moreover, she rarely gets acne!

My mom has got privileged genetic to be born with fair skin. I believe that even fair skin would be look unattractive if it hasn't got any nutrition. We know that mineral water effective for dry skin. But, orange is one of fruits that contains lots of water that hydrating our skin well. So, an orange could be a simple natural skin care to anyone. Most of the varieties of oranges are available for all over the year and seasons. I suggest you to consult to a doctor first if you’ve got the same health problem. 

I love The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask

The body shop is one of beauty products I love the most. The tea tree is one of its variants you have to try. I've got acne that resistant to any product.Yet it's getting better with The Body Shop Tea Tree face mask even from the first trial! I use it once a week.The scent is so relaxing. So, I usually lay on my bed and play some relaxing song when using it. 

The dominated colour is green. I think it represents its natural ingredients
The face mask has got creamy and soft texture
when the first time I touched it, I could feel the icy sensation on my fingers
you can check the ingredients on the back of the package. There are tea tree oil, Lemon tea tree oil, menthol, etc.
it's made in United Kingdom. So, it's no wonder the price is quite expensive :|

There's one thing I've got to tell you. Eventhough the skin care product gives cool sensation, if you put too much cream on your face, It would give burnt feeling on skin. Therefore, just take little cream with fingers then spread to your face gently. It costs Rp. 179.000. For those who have got awful acne prone skin, I highly recommend this face mask. I rate it 5 stars. I hope this product review is useful for your consideration to buy it

wanna try? :D